Accountants with personality
Let's face it annual accounts preparation and tax work is pretty dull at the best of times. Accounting and tax needs to be done and we do it all the time at AJH. However, what sets us apart is that we like getting stuck into businesses to help them in anyway we can.

We prefer to see ourselves as SME solution providers
We work with local SME businesses employing between 5 and 50 staff with turnovers between £632K and £25m, helping them in whatever way we can.

Online Accounting
We work with clients using online accounting systems so that all information is live and up-to-date. We review the bank; trade debtors; trade creditors and payroll as a minimum so that you can know that your numbers are accurate.

Monthly Management numbers
We provide monthly reporting based upon a proven and long standing business development programme that is dynamic in its approach to quickly spot and resolve problems. These monthly reports enable you to keep a financial "pulse" on your business, exercise the optimum degree of control over operations and plan for the future.

Cash flow
We assist you with your billing and payments process to ease any cash flow concerns. We will look at who; how and when you raise your bills to their recovery looking for improvements utilising the latest software.

We work with you in how to develop more customers with our marketing knowledge, based on a systematic, logical approach and when required external consultants.

Due to our systems and process efficiency skills we develop your business so you have more "me" time and be more in control.

Business Development Projects
We love doing business development projects. We look at the business, work out ways to improve it and implement the changes bringing the business owner/manager kicking and screaming along into the 21st century!

Our favorite question for the owner/manager is to ask them to write down what they don't like doing in their business. This certainly has produced some interesting lists and consequently lots of changes! Have a think about yours!

We operate a fixed and transparent fee structure, with advance agreement of all fees billed. This means there are no surprise charges on conclusion of your work. We've been charging fixed fees since we started in 2006.

Customer Service Delivery
Our customer service promise is to respond to emails/calls/letters within 48 hours and prepare accounts within 4 weeks of receiving the records.

We believe in the importance of building client relationships, which is why we offer all AJH clients a continuous point of contact - there's no pillar to post.

Our Big 4 guarantee
• We'll respond to emails/phone call/letters within 48 hours
• You'll have a continuous point of contact
• We'll prepare your accounts within 4 weeks subject to all information received
• We'll ensure maximum client to accountant ratio ensuring excellent customer service

If we don't provide you with the above in any month we'll refund your fees

If you are not getting our Big 4 from your accountant? Then vote with your feet and get in touch with the man in the cool socks - or call us on 858540.