Employment and Social Security assistance

AJH has recently recruited the services of a highly experience employment consultant, Mr. David Rose. 

AJH can assist businesses in ensuring they meet their statutory obligations under employment and social security legislation. 

The services we can offer are:


Social Security


  • Social Security and Employment Law compliance audits

  • Advice on contribution liability for employees

  • Advice on the liability Class of contribution for business owners

  • Advice and guidance on all other matters relating to social security legislation


Employment Law


  • Audits of employment contracts 

  • Advice on payment of wages requirements 

  • Advice on the termination of employment

  • Assistance in dealing with redundancy situations

  • Guidance on best practice

  • Assistance in writing or developing policies and procedures 

David worked at the Social Security department for nearly 30 years. During this time he worked in nearly all areas of the departments, including policy and law development. Whilst working in the Policy Team David spent considerable time developing and implementing the Jersey Employment Law and making changes to Social Security legislation. David has an MBA and a wealth of experience in dealing with matters relating to Social Security and Employment Law.