Our other services

Administration and bookkeeping
We provide onsite and offsite bookkeeping and administration support to businesses of all sizes. We can provide as much or as little support as you require; for some clients this means simply handing over a bag of records once a year for us to process on their behalf, whereas other clients request on-site assistance one day a week.

Regular on-site support allows our clients to have their records up-to-date and keeps the annual accounts preparation fee to a minimum, which allows internal personnel to focus on the core business.

The following services are available on an hourly rate or a fixed fee basis:
•Payroll administration
•Management of supplier bills
•Budget and cashflow forecasting
•Preparation of ITIS, Social Security and GST returns
•QuickBooks training and set-up

Process and Efficiency Consultancy
AJH Consultants bring together over 50 years collective experience in the finance industry to:
1.Provide you with an objective analyse of your business data, processes and risks
2.Recommend a programme of change to improve efficiency and reduce business costs
3.Support you in implementing these recommendations

How we work
We start the consulting process by listening; our first task is to understand your business. We make no assumptions and our confidential, flexible service is tailored to the needs of each client.

Our regular client reports mean that everyone is aware of the progress made, as well as any potential problems as and when they occur. AJH Consulting services include, but are not limited to:

Process Review
By reviewing your business process we can identify way to streamline your operational requirements. A process review generally involves:
•Reviewing existing processes / responsibilities to produce high level or detailed documentation (process maps or similar)
•Identifying and documenting issues or problems that may exist, including any training requirements
•Identifying and documenting action items required to resolve any raised issues or problems
•Identifying and documenting possible opportunities for re-engineering or enhancement
•Facilitating discussions between relevant stakeholders
•Documenting proposed new processes / responsibilities
•Preparing high level or detailed desktop operating procedures
•Managing the implementation of agreed re-engineering

Risk Review
We can assist you in identifying the risk events that may occur within your business, and further to implement activities and / or controls to prevent, mitigate or respond to such events. This process typically involves:
•Reviewing each process to identify and document risks
•Facilitating the analysis, evaluation and rating of each risk, working on a 1 to 1 basis or in workshops as appropriate
•Identifying and documenting any action items identified required to prevent, mitigate or respond to each risk
•Assisting with determining controls that could be introduced to mitigate any identified risks
•Assisting with the implementation of effective monitoring and reporting mechanisms so that senior management are confident that all risks are properly considered and addressed on a continuing basis

Business Analysis
We can perform statistical analysis of your business (people, time, cost, functions), to provide specific facts, documented in a format appropriate to your requirements. This could include:
•Collation of data on the number of staff and / or time spent against a specific task (could be used to support a re-structure)
•Gather specific data or statistics (e.g. volumes to ascertain peaks and troughs)
•Conduct GAP analysis on requested areas and / or tasks

Management Support
On-going assistance is available to help manage the implementation of change arising from Process and Risk Reviews and Business Analysis. We can help to:
•Track action items and document progress to ensure a satisfactory resolution, maintaining a comprehensive audit trail
•Co-ordinate, facilitate and maintain concise records of meetings as required
•Provide regular progress reports to Senior Management